February 16, 2017 · Comments Off on Mental Health

Mental Health

TBY-MentalHealthThank you for your bravery.

We're starting a community and conversation about mental health for creatives.

You're here because you are a creative who suffers from anxiety, depression, or similar mental health issues. We are too. We want you to know you're not alone.

The stigma around mental health has persisted for far too long, and often creatives are the brunt of jokes and harsh judgement while being the ones who suffer the most. From the emo art school kid who simply doesn't "fit in" to the tortured artist that can't hold down a "real job", creative craft and mental health challenges have long been written off as outsider behavior. You're not an outsider, you're a precious human being with a real disability, and you need community. We want you to help us build one.

Whether you suffer in silence, or you have a group or individual to talk to, we want to start a bigger conversation. We're building something beautiful that will not only facilitate that conversation, but allow you to tell your story. "Why should I tell my story?" you may ask. Well, someone out there needs to hear it, and you just may save a life in the process.

If you're open to sharing your heart and helping others while helping yourself, we'd love to have you on board. Your story is important. Your heart is valuable. Mental health is something we learn to live with everyday and should never have to go through alone. Your experiences could help others and others' experiences could help you.

Please send your contact information to hello@thebanneryears.co and we will be in touch with you about what we're doing and how you can be involved. If you'd like to share a little of your story when you reach out to us, feel free, but that's not necessary. We want to speak with you privately and share our vision to ensure that you're level of involvement is right for you. And even if you're not comfortable sharing your story, we want you to know about the safe space that's coming so that you can find the support and community you need.