The Banner Years is the Product Design Studio for Lifestyle Brands.

We build Mobile Apps, Digital Products, Brand Identity Systems, & User Interfaces for retail, hospitality, fitness, and media brands.

With a penchant for dark humor, random dance parties, and reckless optimism, we make ideas happen with heart. We partner with some of the biggest brands in the world to build something worth celebrating. Ready to dance?

Let’s get to work!

What We Do

Product Design

Work with us to conceive, create, build, and promote digital products and services like mobile apps, software, web applications, or eCommerce solutions. Already have a product in the wild? We solve problems.

Brand Identity Systems

Work with us to research, name, design, and document an identity system for your brand. We’ll apply it to your products or to sales channels like websites, marketing materials, and social media.

Who We’ve Worked With

With over 20 years of experience stretching back to the earliest days of the web, we’ve produced groundbreaking work for bootstrapped brands and dozens of Fortune 500s from Enterprise, Non-Profit, Government, and Consumer markets.

Who We Are

The Banner Years is a team of world-renowned design talent with decades of experience building brands. The team is lead by Partners Tara Victoria & Brad Weaver from their studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Give us a shout when you’re ready to dance.


Tara Victoria


Tara took the typical route of a top-notch designer: graduate school, freelance, big agency work, small agency work, and so on before breaking rank and cutting her own path to work with brands who want something more than just good design. Since then, she’s worked with some of the top brands in the world to make their ideas come to life.

Prior to forming The Banner Years, Tara served as Founder & Creative Director at Hatch & Harbour Design Studio in Calgary Alberta, as Creative Director at Southpaw Communications and as a designer at Flipp Advertising. Throughout her career, Tara has intentionally focused on small brands with big dreams, helping each of them go from passionate idea to meaningful outcome. Her expertise includes Branding, Social Strategy, Experience Design, Interactive, and Content Strategy.

Based in Atlanta, Tara radiates reckless optimism wherever she goes–random dance parties included. Her globally recognized body of work has proven that you don’t have to follow the common route to make big things happen, you can write your own tune. She’s known for her incredible hair, her funny looking dog, an unashamed love of emo music, a passion for snowboarding, her child-like curiosity, and always finding the silver lining.


Brad Weaver


Brad went to school to be a lawyer, then came to his senses and has spent the last 20 years making ideas happen through Branding, User Experience Design, Information Architecture, and Content Strategy. He is the author of Creative Truth: Start & Build a Profitable Design Business and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Prior to forming The Banner Years, Brad served as Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs where he worked with numerous Fortune 500s including IHG and UPS. Prior to Nine Labs, he served as Founder & Creative Director at Suckerpunch with clients including Disney, Bank of America, ESPN, AT&T, NATO, The PGA, Hard Rock Cafe, and Coca-Cola. He spent the prior decade in Digital Marketing and Merchandising at Verizon and American Eagle Outfitters working with chart-topping artists and major film studios. Not one to shy away from hard work or his blue collar upbringing, he’s also folded clothes, pumped gas, bagged groceries, sold cell phones, performed stunts in blockbuster films, and climbed The Great Wall of China.

Based in Atlanta, Brad lives loud and loves openly. He’s known for dark humor, random dance parties, an encyclopedic knowledge of film and music, his love of Jesus, a taste for expensive bourbon, a relentless spirit of adventure, his handsome kids, and the strict use of Oxford commas.