About us

The Banner Years is the customer experience studio.

There is no substitute for time in the trenches–and we’ve got tons of it.

For two decades, our team has been telling stories that win hearts and minds for the world’s biggest brands.

We’ve had more dream clients in one year than most can imagine, but it’s really about how many dance-offs we’ve won and skeeball tickets we have. Everything else is gravy. 

We still get excited over the little things, and work hard to let go of the big ones. 

The Partners

Plant Hoarder

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Tara Victoria

Tara’s first job was in the movie business–at a movie theatre. She refused to wear the hat, but she was in management before they could stop her. 

Originally from Calgary, Alberta, she’s a classically trained artist, reckless optimist, and the object of a small religious cult that worships her hair. She’s branded some of the most innovative lifestyle, fashion, and wellness brands in North America. 

She’s equally good at being a designer, illustrator, painter, writer, photographer, keynote speaker, snowboarder, and laughing out loud. Yes, she’s the real Tara Victoria.

I collect shoes

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Brad Weaver

Brad’s first job was pumping gas and stocking beer coolers at age 12. He’s been doing things he shouldn’t and climbing the ladder ever since. 

He’s originally from North Alabama, which he left as soon as he could. He went to school to be a lawyer, realized he wanted to write books and make movies, and has spent the last two decades writing books, making movies, and managing creative for some of the biggest brands in the world. 

He’s equally good at being a writer, designer, developer, researcher, filmmaker, keynote speaker, stuntman, and using Oxford commas. Yes, he is that Brad Weaver.

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We work with marketing, engineering, and design teams at some of the world’s biggest brands.

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